5 Senior Portraits Ideas


When you start thinking about your senior year, besides thinking about college and all the great events in your last year of high school, you might start thinking about the senior portraits ideas. 

Do you get excited about the idea of a photoshoot or is it rather a bother?

Both of my senior portraits sessions are tailored to you. Either if you are looking for a true Senior Experience or prefer a quick Standard Session. In both cases, senior portraits’ ideas are very important.

We will brainstorm during the consultation and come up with senior portraits ideas that will make your session unique.

I customize each session to reflect your personality and your likes. 


Here are 5 Senior Portraits Ideas: 

Colorado Springs Senior Portraits Ideas

Senior Portraits Ideas #1- Props!

Options are limitless when it comes to senior portraits ideas that include props. A few examples are a musical instrument, your sports equipment, and if you are a dancer your solo costume and dance shoes.  We can easily decide which location will be a better fit for your prop and your personality. It can either be somewhere tranquil in nature or in a city. I absolutely love working with musicians and dancers. If you play an instrument, please let me know if you would like to bring it to your session. And dancers – you are in good hands. My daughter has been dancing since she was a little girl and I’m absolutely fascinated and I admire all the genres of dance. To me, you guys are magicians. Please incorporate it in your session, it truly makes a fabulous senior portraits idea. A few examples of my work with dancers.



Colorado Springs Senior Portraits Ideas
Colorado Springs Senior Portraits Ideas


Senior Portraits Ideas  #2 – Outfits!

If you love dressing up, having many outfits to choose from is a great idea. I recommend having a minimum of 3. And if trying on gowns is your cup of tea, you will love browsing in my Clients Closet. I have recently updated my choices and now there are over 50 gowns to choose from.  Another great way to stand out in your senior portraits is to wear a letterman jacket. And here are a few suggestions for guys – suit.




Colorado Springs Senior Portraits Ideas

Senior Portraits Ideas #3 – Locations!

Choosing a very unique location. Many seniors request the Garden of the Gods location for their senior portraits in Colorado Springs. It is truly iconic. BUT there is another side to it, many seniors prefer to be very unique and original ideas. I’m very spontaneous and I love hiking. I will always be up for a short hike or a drive to capture you in your element. A unique location is definitely a great senior portrait idea. If you are looking for recommendations, there are so many beautiful spots in Colorado Springs. I have listed the best locations to take senior portraits in my blog. 

Colorado Springs Senior Portraits Ideas

Senior Portraits Ideas #4 – Hobbies!

What are your interests? What makes you happy? Anything that makes you YOU, let’s incorporate in your session. Hobbies always add a personal touch and they make great senior portraits ideas. Caden loves rock climbing and the moment he mentioned that during our consultation, I knew that the Red Rock Open Space will be the perfect place for his senior portraits.






Colorado Springs Senior Portraits Ideas

Senior Portraits Ideas #5 – Four-legged friends!

How can we forget about our furry friends? Please bring them to your session, especially since you had them since they were little. What a fantastic senior portrait idea and a wonderful keepsake for your family to have a portrait of both of you.  My only word of advice here would be to do this type of portrait if your dog is trained and does well with other people.