Welcome to the 40 over 40 Campaign

celebrating and empowering women in their 40s, 50s, 60s

and beyond…

40 over 40

What is 40 over 40 campaign?

Working with the high school seniors I realized that not every mom had the opportunity to have their senior portraits taken. Including myself!

Why not treat yourself to an amazing session where you get to dress up and be pampered? 

What an incredible birthday gift this can be!

Stunning Claudia has done exactly that. She is my first client in this wonderful campaign. 

The best part, after I get a chance to work with 40 of you, we will celebrate even more with all of you ladies dressed up in a Gala where I will proudly display one of your favorite images from our session. Champagne and desserts. Oooh, I can’t wait!

And please remember I will help you with your outfits at our wardrobe consultation. I have gowns in my Client’s Closet already and I add to it all the time with all body shapes and sizes in mind. 

I’m so excited to finally make my dreams come true and make women see how beautiful they are inside and out. Not only for our teenagers but for YOU as well. 

Gentleman, this is an incredibly thoughtful present that you can gift your wife for her birthday, your anniversary, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. Heck, no occasion is needed. How about an unforgettable gift of celebrating her? I can guarantee that she will LOVE it!

  • an hour of in-person studio consultation
  • personalized stylizing as we choose multiple outfit choices
  • up to 4 hours of a customized studio session (I only serve one client a day. I love to devote all my attention to you)
  • access to over 70 gowns in the Client’s Closet 
  • hair and makeup is highly encouraged. I have three hair and makeup artists that I can recommend
  • two complimentary tickets to GALA at the end of the campaign to celebrate you and all my other beautiful clients

Interested in participating in the campaign?

Contact me for more information.


40 Over 40 Campaign

This session was a gift for Claudia’s 45th birthday!

40 Over 40 Campaign


is part of my Client’s Closet collection.


Colorado Springs Women Portraits

Adi has gifted herself this wonderful session for her 40th birthday!

Colorado Springs Women Portraits

Champgane Tulle Mini Dress with a Satin Bow is part of my Client’s Closet collection.