Best Places to take Senior Portraits in Colorado Springs

The Ultimate Guide of the Best Places to take Senior Portraits in Colorado Springs 


Why is it important to know the ultimate locations around Colorado Springs?

As you’re searching for the Best Places to take Senior Portraits in Colorado Springs, I’m happy to share my findings that I was able to comply while working with seniors in Colorado Springs in the last 6 years.

I truly love where we live. With multiple gorgeous locations around our town where tourists from all over the United States are coming to visit all year long, the possibilities are endless.  I will cover why you should choose the specific locations to take senior portraits in Colorado Springs.

Why Choose one of these best places to take Senior Portraits in Colorado Springs?

The breathtaking views where we can customize your session to show your interests and your unique personality.

The best places to take senior portraits in Colorado Springs List

  1. North Cheyenne Cañon Park
  2. Downtown Colorado Springs
  3. Garden of the Gods
  4. Bear Creek Regional Park East
  5. Red Rock Canyon Open Space

I have chosen the best places to take senior portraits in Colorado Springs from 1 to 5, but truthfully there is no real order of what is best. There are also several other locations that are equally as beautiful: Ute Valley Park, Fox Run Regional Park, and many others.

Choosing your location for your senior portraits depends on what type of scenery you are looking to experience, and that might change your order of favorites! And I’m always open to your ideas and suggestions.

Best Places to take Senior Portraits in Colorado Springs:


#1 North Cheyenne Cañon Park


Because I live very close to the North Cheyenne Cañon Park I’m a very frequent visitor there. No matter where you look, you have endless possibilities there. The Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center has the most unique area that you can think of. With it picturesque stone bridge right behind the visitor center. You probably already have seen it in other people’s photos.  Also two additional bridges, perfect for photo-ups. The North Cheyenne Creek makes an incredible backdrop, especially in the summertime.  The second stream has dried out, but that has created an incredible opportunity for extraordinary shots.

Following the path towards Helen Hunt Falls, there are several pulls off that have over the years became one of my favorite locations for portraits. Each season makes it very unique! The time of the session guarantees spectacular images. One of my favorite locations is around the stream and there is even a waterfall.

On the other side of the Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center, a short walk will lead you to breathtaking views of the Strawberry Fields. It is truly a hidden gem of the North Cheyenne Cañon Park.

When is the best time to take senior portraits at the North Cheyenne Cañon Park? I’ll work around the busy season in North Cheyenne Cañon which is typically peak summer months like June, July, August. With longer days, the early mornings and evening creates the most incredible soft light, called the Golden Hour. Then starting September and going into the Fall months, there’s another peak season for the gorgeous fall foliage and rightfully so. North Cheyenne Cañon Park has many deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves every year) which in the autumn turn into beautiful yellow and brown colors.

Where to park? There are several designated parking lots across from the Starsmore Visitor and Nature Center. I will make sure to let you know where exactly we will meet.

Best time to take pictures at North Cheyenne Cañon Park?
 Summer and Fall

Just a friendly reminder that we always stay on the designated paths and respect the park’s rules. Friends of the North Cheyenne Cañon Park hold their events there throughout the season, so we always double-check that the session doesn’t fall on those days.

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#2 Colorado Springs Downtown


Ah, endless possibilities once again. Our beautiful Colorado Springs Downtown has so much to offer.

The new incredible location with the most spectacular architecture is The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum.

Only after their business hours. With gorgeous sunsets at Pikes Peak in the background.

We will be strolling down Tejon Avenue. A few of my most favorites spots are the Kimball’s Peak Three Theatre on Pikes Peak Avenue along with the Josh and Jon’s Ice Cream and The Mining Exchange. All portraits are taken outside and following the CDC guidelines.

The most recognizable spots from the downtown area can be found in the alley located between Bijou Street and Kiowa Street. Yes, you read it correctly. It’s an alley but the pictures are priceless. Modern and edgy!  And let’s not forget the rooftops of the garages. Yes!

Where to park? There are park meters throughout the entire downtown area. The meters accept quarters and credit cards. You can also use an app – Park Mobile to pay for your parking. The meters work all week long including Sundays. The Holidays are free.

Best time to take pictures: All year long.

sBest Places to take Senior Portraits in Colorado Springs:

#3 Garden of the Gods Park


Number one visited location in Colorado Springs and rightfully so. Garden of the Gods Park is the National Natural Landmark. The Park offers breathtaking backdrops all year round. Over the years, I have discovered two favorite locations for mesmerizing photos. There are located at the pull-off #9 High Point Overlook with breathtaking views of the park and Pikes Peak in the back and pull-off #10 which leads to the Ute Trail.

Very important information not only for photographers but all the visitors of the Garden of the Gods Park is to ALWAYS stay on the designated paths. LEAVE NO TRACE. Garden of the Gods Park can be enjoyed free of charge, thanks to the children of railroad magnate Charles Eliot Perkins who gave the park to the city of Colorado Springs. Because of its majestic and unique beauty, the park attracts many tourists locally and from around the entire United States all year long, but the peak season starts right after Memorial Day weekend and continues way into the end of Fall.

Another option that is beautifully hidden by the steps of the Garden of the Gods Park, is a historic site, Rock Ledge Ranch. We are able to use this stunning site with a photography permit.  Rock Ledge Ranch offers many events throughout the year, so again, we would check with them on the availability of the dates.

Where to park? There are many parking opportunities at the Garden of the Gods Park. I will describe which parking lot we will meet at the begging of our session.

Best time to take pictures at Garden of the Gods Park: All year long with one caution in mind, the park has its peak season starting Memorial Day Weekend and runs all the way to November.

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#4 Bear Creek Regional Park


Such an incredible park with easy access to park. Located along the 21st Street and West Rio Grande Avenue. With beautiful wooden bridges and stunning backdrops of the North Cheyenne Mountain.  The trees are very old and majestic and when their leaves start to turn it will take your breath away. The tall grass in the fall changes to a stunning gold yellow that shimmers in the Golden Hour and that creates an incredible setting for portraits. The terrain is rather flat so it is easy to walk around.

You have probably heard about the Bear Creek Dog Park, the 25-acre off-leash haven for dogs. It located on the Northside of Bear Creek Regional Park. I always encourage you to bring your furry friend to the photo session. Those memories captured with them before you head to college will be priceless. Just a friendly reminder, when we are in the Bear Creek Regional Park the dogs have to be on the leash.

Where to park? There are several designated parking lots at Bear Creek Regional Park off of Rio Grande Street. I will send a pin of the exact location of where we will meet for our session.

Best time to take pictures at Bear Creek Regional Park? Fall.

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Best Places to take Senior Portraits in Colorado Springs:

#5 Red Rock Canyon Open Space


Located along Highway 24, Red Rock Open Space has many locations for original pictures. With two different parking lots, it offers countless ways of miles of hiking. It’s a photographer’s dream because it offers red rock formations, but also beautiful, old trees, and a small pond. Make sure you give yourself time for parking as this spot gets very crowded especially on the weekends.

We always remember to Leave No Trace. The Red Rock Canyon Open Space is located very close to the Old Colorado City which I always recommend as a second location if you’re looking to add the equated, European look of the small town.

Where to park? The main parking lot is located just past the traffic circle at the entrance. Additional car parking is less than a one-quarter mile east of the main lot. I will send you a pin with the exact location where we will meet for our session.

Best time to take pictures: Summer and Fall.

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