Black Long Tulle Skirt

Tulle skirt – welcome to my stylized closet!


Why is the tulle skirt so popular lately? It’s one of the newest trendy fashion items. The tulle skirt is gorgeous and makes you feel like royalty. While designing your next portrait session, you will be able to choose from many dresses and skirts, including the tulle skirt from my stylized closet. The black tulle skirt is one of the most requested items. I had a chance to capture few seniors in this tulle skirt and even though they happened to be dancers, I will absolutely be happy to rent those to other ladies as well. You do NOT have to be a dancer or a senior to borrow from my stylized closet. 

This stunning portrait of Laine was taken at the Bear Creek Regional Park in Colorado Springs in October. This location has many incredible backdrops with the tall and majestic trees that in fall change colors. It is very important to choose the right location to have your personality shine and if you like to read more about what are the Best Locations to Take Senior Portraits in Colorado Springs, you can just visit my blog. This tulle skirt has a long train and you can wear it with a black leotard or black body suite. It creates a very romantic and stunning portrait. 




Short Black Tulle Skirt

Black Short Tulle Skirt

This shorter tulle skirt has been mostly used in the dance session with ballet dancers on pointe. I can easily see this tulle skirt wore with high heels, different color body suite with a belt. To add more dimensions the top could be with a gentle texture like lace and either short or long sleeve. I believe it would make a strong fashion statement. For a location of this tulle skirt portraits, I would recommend downtown with urban feel to it.



Long Green Pleated Skirt

Green Satin Pleated Long Skirt

This perfectly flowing gorgeous pleated maxi skirt creates the most amazing portraits. You can easily wear it with a black t-shirt like shown here or a black shirtsleeve turtleneck. Vici, where this skirt is from has many modern and edgy outfits. You can defiantly find something there that is trending right now for your senior portraits. 






Short Shades of Pink Pleated Skirts

High Waist Satin Pleated Maxi Skirts

These two different shades of pink high waist satin pleated maxi skirts can be used separately or in a friends’ session. We shopped with the girls at Zara and they choose these skirts themselves. They are wearing black bodysuits that complement the outfit very well. The location that I would recommend for this shoot would definitely be in a city. 



Emerald Green Maxi Dresses

Emerland Green Long Dresses

These long, emerald green dresses are one of my favorites. You can have it as one of your outfit choices for your senior portraits. And if your friend is joining you, you guys can coordinate beautifully. I got these stunning dresses at Lulu’s and I look for new ones there all the time. 




Dusty Blue Chiffon Long Train Skirt

Dusty Blue Chiffon Long Train Skirt

This stunning portrait was published in the Senior Inspire Magazine Fall 2020 issue. The senior session took place in the magical setting in Divide, Colorado. The sun was setting just perfectly one summer evening. I absolutely love shooting in the golden hour. The softness of the light that happens during that time can hardly ever be replicated. Devon is wearing this white top with tulle sleeve that is also a part of my stylized closet. We have met all the elements of How to Take a Great Senior Portrait?