Outfit Choices Boys Senior Pictures 2021

What to wear to Senior Pictures Guys 2021

There are so many guides on wardrobe ideas for girls but I haven’t seen any suggestions on what to wear to senior pictures for guys 2021. I’m happy to help.

Let’s start from the beginning. Most guys want to wear one outfit and just to go to one location and have a quick and painless session. How many of you are only doing it for your mom and because it’s a school requirement? You came to the right place. Your senior portrait session can certainly be short and stress-free. Consider one thing though. Looking back at the last year of your graduating year you might want to see some great portraits. Doing it in multiple locations with different outfit choices will provide a great variety of pictures that you and your family will love to have. 

A part of my Ultimate Portrait Experience and for Senior Portraits, I offer a complimentary wardrobe consultation. We will go over what to wear to senior pictures guys 2021. 

Outfit ideas – what to wear to senior pictures guys 2021

1. Casual Outfit

2. A suit

3. Letterman Jacket


Choosing what to wear to Senior Pictures is really not that hard. Most of the time you can find those items in your closet. So let’s start with the casual outfit. 



Casual Outfit Guys Senior Pictures 2021

What to wear to Senior Pictures Guys 2021

 #1 Casual Outfit

Casual outfit is the most common outfit choice for senior pictures for guys but you can certainly easily dress it up as well. Start with your bottoms. It can either be jeans or khaki pants. Choose your shirt. Consider what season you are taking your senior pictures and go with a short sleeve in the summer and a long sleeve in the fall. Please choose PLAIN color!!! No plaids or stripes. They create a moire effect in the pictures and it blurred out the lines. It’s very distracting. If you like to have a quick change in your look, just add a blazer to your outfit. Please remember about socks and shoes. Depending on your pose the socks will show in the senior pictures. Please avoid sandals and flip-flops. A belt to match your shoes is a great accessory. A casual outfit is a great solution for what to wear to senior pictures for guys in the outdoor locations but also goes well with the city backdrop. There are many locations in Colorado Springs to choose from. The most requested ones are Garden of the Gods and North Cheyenne Canon Park.



A Suit Senior Pictures Guys 2021

#2 A suit

I know some of you might cringe on just the idea of wearing a suit BUT I have to say, that is one of my favorite items for guys to wear to Senior Pictures if we are doing an urban, modern session downtown. Most likely you already have a suit for your prom. You can absolutely wear that. Once again, plain color shirt is your best choice here. And no, ties are not mandatory.


Letterman Jacket Guys Senior Pictures 2021

#3 The Letterman Jacket

The letterman jacket is just an idea for what to wear to senior pictures for guys. And most of the time, your parents are actually the ones requesting it. Just do it! This could easily be an addition to the 1st option of what to wear to senior pictures. You can slip it on with your casual outfit. It is truly great addition to your senior pictures, especially if you choose your high school as one of the location.