Don’t let time slip away. Let me help you capture your family memories. 

the Colorado Springs area offers many beautiful settings. All seasons offer spectacular views. We will discuss and choose the location at our consultation. I will be happy to provide you with a very informative guide of ‘what to wear’ to make the entire experience simple and truly enjoyable.    

A family of four sitting on a log with their dog.
A family of five sitting on a coach.
Four siblings with their dog.
A brother with a sister sitting in a field.
Two brothers with a sister.
Rock Ledge Ranch Brothers Portraits
A family of 5 wearing blue and green.
A family of four standing on top of red rocks.
A family of four.
A family with two cats.
Colorado Springs Family Portrait
A family with their cat.
A family of four with their dog in a canyon.
Rock Ledge Ranch Family Portraits
A family of 5 sitting on a stone wall.
A young girl wearing an orange gown.
A brother and a sister.
A young lady wearing a purple gown.
A young boy wearing a suit.
A family of five with a rainbow behind them.
A young girl wearing a red gown.
Four siblings sitting at the back of a car with a Christmas tree on top.
A family with their dog.
A winter portrait of a family of 6.
A family of three in a golden field.
Siblings hugging.
A family with two sons.
An engaged couple at the Garden of the Gods.
A couple standing in the field.
A couple standing on top of a hill.
Wife and a husband sitting on a coach.
A mother looking at her children.
Three generations.
A family with three young children.
A family of three.
A family in front of their house.
Siblings hugging.
Three siblings elegantly dressed at the Garden of the Gods.